Noman Group begins collaboration with NSU Green Banking Team


The Green Banking Research Team at North South University is assessing the impacts of the undertaken green banking initiatives by the banks from various perspectives. The research project includes two surveys, namely, the pilot survey and the main survey, designed specifically for the banks in Bangladesh. The pilot survey has already been implemented to get the feedbacks from the banks to formulate questionnaire for the main survey. At the same time, interviews of clients of the banks are taken who are investing in green projects such as installing solar panels, setting up effluent treatment plants etc. Moreover, few environmentally friendly industries are being analyzed which can be promoted under the green banking initiatives. In addition to these activities, to promote academic research on green banking, a double blinded peer review journal will also be launched under the research project. Several other research ideas are also in the planning stage waiting to be implemented. Overall, the ‘Green Banking Project’ is working with the academics and the professionals to accomplish the goal of serving both the economy and the environment, together. The team visited two factories of Noman Group (Pagar and Vawal) on July 4, 2013 to inspect the Effluent Treatment Plants and were highly impressed with the state-of-the-art machineries in place.

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