Our subsidiaries


    Noman Terry Towel Mills Ltd. was incorporated in 2012. It offers vertical integration from Cotton Procedure to Delivering the Product to the port. It has recently invested in 87 Tsodakoma Looms with Terry Motion


    Zaber & Zubair Fabrics was incorporated in 1997 with a mission to grow as an internationally recognized home textile manufacturing company, by meeting day to day market requirement and achieving customer satisfaction.

    nice denim mills

    Nice Denim Mills Ltd is a world class denim fabric producer in Bangladesh. Incorporated in 2013, it is starting commercial operation in mid-2015. Based in Gazipur, it is currently the largest mill in the industry (considering the fact it is integrated with weaving and spinning).

    saad saan apparels

    SAAD-SAAN APPARELS is a 100% export oriented woven garments manufacturer & exporter. Established in 2010, SNSAPL is located just 50 KMs away from the international airport in Dhaka.

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