The focused execution of Noman Group’s growth strategy in FY 2013-14 enabled us to achieve strong results. In 2014, Noman group drove profitable growth through technology leadership and geographic expansion. It was truly a year of continued momentum in our business.

While we were excited about our results in 2014, we continued to refine the execution of our growth strategy, which will be paramount given the renewed faith buyers have shown in Bangladeshi suppliers. With an aim to increase our presence in the emerging markets, we have actively sought out retailers in Russia, Japan and Australia. To support mass production, we have introduced state-of-the-art technologies in spinning, weaving, processing and stitching.

CSR has been ingrained in the Noman Group culture since our inception. Fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen is integral to the sustainability of our businesses, and as such, we will continue to manufacture not only innovative and quality textile products, but use sound business practices as well.

We also realize how important it is to pursue innovations that will assist in creating a sustainable future. In order to contribute to the resolution of global challenges that we all face, we are using the nation’s biggest Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and are actively working with our partners to become more sustainable.

We are unlikely to be affected by the uncertainties in the industry because we will, like always, deliver quality products at competitive prices, fulfilling all legal, social and environmental requirements.

As we go through 2015, I am confident that our initiatives will continue to create value for our business and clients. On behalf of the management and employees of Noman Group, I thank you, for your continued support.

Md. Nurul Islam
Founding Chairman
Noman Group


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