At a Glance

Strength in Numbers

  • 1billion USD in revenue

    Our total revenue crossed the magical $1 Billion mark in 2013 and is growing further every year!

  • 60000employees

    We have over 60,000 employees in Bangladesh with diverse backgrounds. We pride on having very low employee turnover and excellent rapport between management and workers. According to ILO, we are the third largest employer in Bangladesh.

  • 18years

    In 1997, started our illustrious journey with Noman Group. Today, we boast 18 years of solid experience in the textile industry.

  • 28subsidiaries

    We have 28 subsidiaries with the most prominent one being ZABER & ZUBAIR Fabrics Ltd. In the woven segment, Z&Z is currently the largest in the world.

Product Portfolio

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Environmental Footprint

Cotton – 50,000 tons
Fresh Water – 4.0 million m3
Electricity – 0.8 million MwH
Co2 Emission – 64,000 tons
Area Covered – 700 Acres

Production Facts


    Largest in Bangladesh
    Spin 6s to 100s in Cotton & Blend
    OE: 20,000 Drums/Heads
    Ring Spun: 450,000 Million Spindles
    Spin: 6s to 100s in Cotton & Blend
    Production: 7,500 ton of yarn per Month
    Yarn Dye: 900,000 tons of yarn per Month

    Total Looms: 5000
    Fabric: 21 million Meters per Month
    Denim: 3.6 Million Meters per Month
    Terry: 1500 Tons per Month


    Fashion: 1.05 million per Month
    Home: 9.6 million per Month


    Home: 3.6 million per Month
    Fashion: 7 million per Month
    Denim: 3.6 million per Month
    Yarn: 3 million per Month


    Home: Stitch 21,00,000 sets per Month Quilt Cover, Sheet, Curtain, Comforter

    Terry Towel: 90,00,000 towels per Month
    Tops: 400,000 per Month
    Bottoms: 1,000,000 per Month


    Offset Printing: 1100000 Pcs Impression
    Printed Label: 300000 Pcs Impression
    Elastic: 70000 Yds Impression
    Poly Bag: 200000 Pcs Impression
    PVC: 60000 Pcs Impression
    Zipper Bag: 6000 Pcs Impression
    Hanger: 8000 Pcs Impression
    Gum Tape: 10000 Pcs Impression
    Sewing Thread: 10000 Pcs Impression
    Twill Tabe: 4800 Yds Impression
    Doisting: 7000 Yds Impression
    Carton: 17000 Pcs Impression
    Stiffener: 200000 Pcs Impression

    252 Million Stitches per Month

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  • Our subsidiaries

    30+ Subsidiaries in Textile, RMG, Accessories, Non-Profit sector

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